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Deb Chalmers is a London-based musician, specialising in violin and viola, and in traditional English folk music. Classically trained at Birmingham Conservatoire, she has a wide range of interests from Baroque music and historical performance to modern contemporary repertoire, to dance and theatre work.


Deb is currently working on a number of new playing and teaching projects.  She continues to play for dance company Folk Dance Remixed, and for Laurel Swift's 'Travelling with Thomas' musical as well as working with various function bands and recording regularly as a session musician.

She is an experienced teacher, teaching both classical music and folk arts skills in private lessons, workshops and projects. Deb has taken over the Ealing Sessions folk class from Laurel Swift as of September 2018.   


For further details including a selected discography, biography and contact details, please use the links at the top of the page.



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